Areas of Work


The foundation of our thoughts, actions, innovations and approach lies on ‘10 Es’- We love to Explore, Experiment, Educate, Enligthen, Energize, Engage, Enable, Enrich, Enjoy, and Empower.
We believe Compassion, Conviction, Commitment, Consistent Conscious Efforts, Creativity and Collaboration can lead to Continuous Contagious Change….and Individual and Social Transformation and Growth.

Our Areas of Work

ENVIRONMENT (Resource management and recovery Like recovering value from Food wastage, minimizing wastage of all resources, like Water, Biodiversity, Energy,Eco-innovations, Practise and Promoting 10 ‘R’s- Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-ReThink-Re-innovate-Revive-Recover-Re-act-Rejoice)

EDUCATION (Holistic-Integrated-Inclusive-Value-& Action oriented-Formal, Informal both)

ECONOMIC & SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT through Employability Enhancement (Life-skills, Soft Skills, Vocational, Managerial effectiveness, Cost Effectiveness)

HEALTH (Spiritual & Emotional Rejuvenation-Yoga/Meditation, Blood donation drives, Check-up Health Camps-Dental/Eye/General/Women-specific, Lifestyle Assessment & Impact)

CULTURE & PEACE (instilling love, respect, understanding and appreciation of all art-forms, especially rich and diverse traditions and good socio-cultural practices, art-forms, music, dance, theatre, puppets, folk-tales. Also building inter-faith understanding,respect and tolerance).

Our Beneficiaries

Rural and deprived Communities
Urban Communities
Educational Institutions, especially students, Teachers, Parents and staff of schools and Professional colleges and Universities

Our Methodology

Our mode of working is an innovative mix of multi-dimensional approach and perspective that leads to joyful learning, meaningful impact and beautiful transformation.

It comprises of very interesting tools and mediums like

  • Awareness and Sensitization
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Design and Documentation
  • Studies and Surveys
  • Action Projects
  • CSR Initiatives
  • Consultative Meets
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Simulation Games and Exercises
  • Events & Workshops
  • Campaigns
  • Talk-shows
  • Field visits
  • Educational tours
  • Eco-Fairs
  • Cultural meet and melas
  • Celebrations & Felicitations
  • Radio programs
  • Inter-school meets
  • Theatre
  • Music/Dance/Art & craft/ Puppets
  • Eco-carnivals and fests
  • Bird-Watching
  • Run for a Cause