International Women's Day-Vividha

Press Release

To salute and celebrate the myriad colours of Womanhood, Prithvi Innovations organized a meaningful event ,titled ‘VIVIDHA’ on 7th March from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm at Regional Science City, Ekta Vihar,Aliganj. Prithvi innovations decided to take another step forward in it’s ‘Be Foodwise and Leave No Foodprints program, by adding an important dimension to it, that of identifying the spirit of ‘Being an ANNAPOORNA’ in one and all ,especially females and motivating and mobilizing everyone to take the’ ZERO HUNGER CHALLENGE’,i.e. ensure that there is no empty stomach, especially hungry child ,at least in their surrounding, as a mark of our commitment to our Nation and to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Everyone was given a warm welcome in traditional Indian style by putting a tilak.

Ms.Anuradha, Secretary of Prithvi innovation expressed that like men, WOMEn are special in many ways.What actually makes them so beautiful and unique is their sensitivity and their ability to Nurture, Nourish,Care and Conserve. God has especially blessed them with these super qualities which makes them so caring and giving.’VIVIDHA ‘ program is, hence a way of coming together, to recognize and enjoy our various colours of Positivity,Compassion,Resilience, to thank God for being so kind and giving and to COMMIT to Contribute to CREATE a more COMPASSIONATE world around us. She , along with Ms.Nisha Bhargav and her team of energetic youngsters from the rural community, Suruchi, Rukhsana, Pooja, Som, Vipin, Suraj, shared how in Indian culture, the spirit of ANNAAPOORNA has always being there, because there is a special Goddess ANNAPOORNA’, who work is to ensure and bless everyone with sufficient that no one sleeps hungry. Hence FOOD is especially revered by us INDIANS, and it’s not just environmental, economic,social and moral crime to waste food but a spiritual crime. All religions emphasis the importance of food and want everyone to BE FOODWISE and LEAVE no FOODPRINTS and to feed the hungry.
Hence, to mark the International Women's Day, in a unique spirit and style, Vividha brought together people and Institutions from various sectors, like Education, Environment, Science and research, Government, Media, Social, Hospitality, Corporate houses for a very meaningful meeting cum Celebration cum launch of our very innovative initiative, 'Annapurna Yagya' ,which had three major components,motivating and mobilizing one and all, especially females
1) to be Annapurna Ambassadors and to build a strong team of Annapurna Ambassadors around them
2) to initiate 'Annapurna Jagriti Abhiyaan' and invite more and more people and institution's to join it.
3) to start an 'Annapurna Kosh' or Grain Bank in their locality to feed the hungry.

ANNAPOORNA YAGYA was launched in a great way, when everyone gave their first aahuti of a handul of grains in the ANNAPOORNA KOSH (GRAIN BANK),special cloth bags or KOSh made by Suruchi & Rukhsana. Thereafter all the ladies invited everyone to commit for the ‘ANNAPOORNA JAGRITI ABHIYAAN’. Ms.Nisha Bhargav was especially honoured in VIVIDHA was her passion and concern for the cause and for taking the lead in ‘AJA’. In the open house, everyone exchanged ideas and actions plan to reduce Food wastage around us, and to ensure Food Security by taking the 'Zero Hunger challenge' and ensuring that no person, especially children sleep empty stomach around us.
The event was supported by REGIONAL SCIENCE CITY and HEALTHZONE, As per Prithvi’s team,this small effort by us is our little contribution in serving our Nation and our commitment to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).We hope through our consistent efforts, we will be able to SAVE FOOD-SAVE LIFE and be Healthy ,Wealthy & Wise……for more details contact PRITHVI INNOVATIONS-ph 9415009158