Prithvi's Plantation program

Prithvi's Plantation Program

The unique experience of having a 'Taru Mitra' a Trees as friends in one's life.

Prithvi Innovations shared the joy of being 'Tree friends' with the students from Jaipuria Institute of Management on Friendship day.

'Mujhse Dosti Karoge'

the little mango and jamun saplings of Prithvi's Guthli Club were heard asking gently ,the Youth on Friendship Day today. One could see the glitter in their eyes and their faces lit up when Mrs.Anuradha Founder Secretary of Prithvi Innovations,gifted them today to the students of Jaipuria Institute of Management,who had come to take part in the 'Prithvi Utsav' ...the innovative clean and green eco initiatives by Prithvi Innovations.

Friendship day was celebrated in a completely new spirit and style at Prithvi Innovations today and gave the students a feel of new joy of friendship with trees today.

Anjali, Gagan,Manisha,Mani ,Prateek, Kaberi,Sri Niwas,Juhi,Ritika,Devarshri,,were taken by surprise when friendship bands with a cut out of Trees were tied around their wrist by Suruchi and Rukhsana from Prithvi's team and they were invited to be Prithvi Mitra &Taru Mitra.

Everyone sat in a circle with trees saplings in the centre and tied a kalawa on the saplings and happily pledged to be Friends of trees with Prithvi Innovations.

Mrs.Anuradha then shared the beautiful concept of 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge', and Prithvi Guthli Club and My Green Card ,the magical campaigns,initiated by Prithvi to share that trees are our best ever friends , as they love us unconditionally and can offer solace and strength ,at the same time,like a good friend.

After that everyone went out to give their Tree friends , Gulmohar,Neem Amaltas a new home in the ground of Eldeco Towne, along with the security guards and gardener.

Under the guidance of Mrs.Anuradha the students formed teams on Friendship day and brainstormed ideas on how to engage the local community to care for the saplings planted on 5th Aug. on NH divider,so that they survive and grow strong. Students team decided to tie kalawa on all saplings and put Mujhse Dosti Karoge cards on the saplings and invite the local shop owners and street vendors to give name to their saplings and become their friends.