'Sounds of Cycles' at 3rd IEO 2017.

'Sounds of Cycles' at 3rd IEO 2017.

Prithvi Innovations initiated 'COCs'- Circle of Cycles' and delivered an engaging talk on Connecting with Nature through Cycles,at 3rd IEO 2017,  and announced special award and honour, to all students,teachers,parents ,those who still use Cycle by Choice in their daily life.

She brought together everyone to keep pedalling kindness and love around them through their little green acts,as simple as switching back to cycles and emphasised on interesting life lessons one can learn from a 'Cycle' and highlighted the deep and strong connections between Cycle of Nature,Cycle of Seasons,Water Cycle,Cycle of Karma.

Hence what we give comes back,so let's give kindness and not trash and thus she connected sustainable waste management principles too with 'Cycle' and energized one and all to shift to Sustainable Life choices and Lifestyle.

Mrs.Anuradha Gupta from Prithvi Innovations was invited as a speaker on 10th December 2017 and 11th December 2017 , for a parallel session with the team leaders of various schools from Bhutan,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh, PAN India and schools in Lucknow, at the 3rd IEO at CMS LDA branch.

City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus II, Lucknow organized the 3rd IEO– an international Environment Olympiad from 9th to 12th December, 2017 at its World Unity Convention Centre, Kanpur Road.

In her session Ms.Gupta motivated and mobilized the participants in a very innovative way ,through a  musical simulation exercise to create a wave of little green acts.

Later they were divided into teams and had to come up with innovative action plan on four themes:

a) Creating Space for Little Green Acts ( kind of recycling centres,based on the concept of 10'R's ,discussed by Ms.Gupta during the session) in back in their schools and Communities.

b) Creating COC- 'Circle of Cycle by Choice' in schools and communities- a very unique and exciting concept to honour the students who use 'Cycle  by Choice' and to encourage everyone to go back to Cycling and adopt and use Cycle by choice more in their daily life.

c) A special team for Saving Food was formed

d) the group of local teams were to plan a series of Kaavyshaala, Nrityashaala and Kathashaala as part of 'Gomti Gaatha' .

By bringing together young adults from many countries, the workshop, not only raised the environmental awareness amongst them but aimed to bring behavioural change in them for protecting the environment.

Ns.Gupta was also the Judge of the Board Decoration Contest between the Environment Coordinators of   18 different branches of CMS,Lucknow.

And she was invited to share a topic for the Clay Modelling Contest for the students.

City Montessori School popularly known as CMS is the world's largest school recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, and is a recipient of the year 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education for promoting world peace and unity.

The purpose of IEO was to enhance children's awareness and knowledge for conserving and managing the environment.