Zero Food Wastage and Waste Management at MVM

Zero Food Wastage at Eldeco Towne

13th November, 2017

Prithvi's team silently sensitizing the guests and host about the Food Wastage' at Grand celebration organised by Mr. Gupta of Eldeco Towne, on the the successful completion of 7 days Shri Bhagwad Katha....

14th November, 2017

Children of slum get to feast along with their families at the dawn of Children's day,

Prithvi's team rescues 65 Kgs of precious Shahi Paneer, 50 Kgs of Masaledar chole, 25 Kgs of Hot curry, 55 Kgs of jeera rice, more than 60 Kgs of mixed vegetables and more than 200 Puris and rotis from going down the drains after the grand bhoj organized in Eldeco Towne on 13th Nov.

Early morning, beating the cold and  all odds Prithvi's Save Food Ambassadors ,young Hasnain and Anuradha,along with the family members of Mr.Gupta get to work,packing all items,neatly and sharing it with the people who need it.

A very special thanks to Mrs and Mr.Gupta and their entire family for being so concerned about Food Wastage' and joining hands with Prithvi's team to feed the hungry and need.