Run for Safety

'Run for Safety' organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management,Lucknow ( JIM)

27th October, 2018

Prithvi Innovations showed its solidarity with the cause of 'Road Safety' and participated in the 'Run for Safety' organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management,Lucknow ( JIM) in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Transport Department ,Road Safety Cell Lucknow, from 6.30 am to 9.00 am from 1090 chowraha, Gomtinagar to gate no 4 Janeshwar Mishra Park Gomtinagar.

The Run was meaningful initiative which show the participation of more than 900 youth from JIM and other colleges.

Sri Ganga Phal ji,Additional Transport Commissioner,Road Safety Cell, Transport Department, UP enlightened all present by sharing valuable information on the combined role of Education,Joint Engagement Enforcement,Road Engineering, in ensuring Road Safety .
He through his inspiring words appealed to all present to spread the message in Hindi,especially,so that it reaches all and is helps them to take all due measures to prevent road accidents which are unfortunately rising day by day due to heavy traffic,reckless and irresponsible use of mobile while driving, non use of helmets and seatbelts and heavy illegal encroachment on road, heaps of garbage ,plus many other equally disturbing reasons.

Ms.Anuradha from Prithvi Innovations especially spread the message of Clean Roads And Safe Roads and set an example by collecting all plastic bottles thrown on roads,which can also at times pose serious threat to road safety.

Dr..Kavita Pathak,Director JIM along with august gathering from Transport Department,UP Traffic Police ,expressed Institute's commitment to work for this cause.
Everyone was invited to take the Pledge.
Students from Christian College won the maximum awards for outstanding performance in the Race.