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We conduct variety of environmental awareness, education and action-packed activities /programs/ workshops events /projects / field-trips/film-shows/campaigns etc.. throughout the year on various themes like Energy, Water, Biodiversity, Waste Management ,Resource Conservation,Forestation,etc..
  • to inspire
  • to educate
  • to enrich
  • to empower
  • to mobilize individuals (esp. children and youth), institutions and communities
  • to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and natural resources around them
  • to lead a healthy, socially productive and eco-friendly life
  • in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of ecological sustainability, socio-economic equity, peace and security.
Little green Acts
Invitation for joining 'Prithvi Utsav'-( our clean & green eco-inititatives as part of Swaach Bharat Mission in
collaboration with Earth Day Network )


National Sports Day

  • 29 August, 2018 |
  • Lucknow

National Sports Day was celebrated by Prithvi Innovations team in collaboration with the team from 'Climate Agenda',at S.U.R.Memorial Public School on IIM Road Lucknow.

Ms.Anuradha from Prithvi Innovations, emphasised the importance of both outdoor and indoor games for physical,mental and emotional fitness and well being.
Thereafter she correlated the importance of clean and healthy environment for a sportsperson and sensitised all students and teachers to 'Care for  Air' and to make all possible efforts to combat air pollution,so as to enjoy good health and sports.

The various health hazards of air pollution and the causes of air pollution were discussed by Saurabh and Amra from Climate Agenda team.

Along with this awareness,Prithvi's team motivated the students to frame an action plan to improve the quality of air in the school and it's surrounding area under the guidance of school Principal.

Students were divided into groups and asked to make posters to share their thoughts and suggestions to reduce air pollution.
Beautiful posters were prepared by all groups.

A core team of students was formed.The team took immediate charge and went for a round around the school to assess the problem, interacted with locals and requested them to join hands and support the plantation efforts.
Also the team decided to educate all classes  to keep the dry waste,polythenes etc.. separately and never to burn any garbage at home or in school.

Besides it was decided to do a shramdaan on Teachers day and plant few shady trees like Neem,Paakar etc,with the support of Prithvi Innovations.
Saplings were given to the core team student members.
Climate Agenda offered refreshments and little gifts to all participants.


Prithvi Innovations plants 3 'Panchvatis' with the CMO office Team Ghaila village & Gifts pots with saplings to Primary school students.

International Biodiversity Day

On 25th of May 2018 on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day Prithvi innovation organised Prithvi Utsav at ICICI academy for skill kapoorthala. The student from academy participated in so many activities the activities which were held over there are Leaf calligraphy, Rock painting, quiz and a beautiful lecture with the great information of biodiversity was given by founder of Prithvi innovation Anuradha mam. The student participate with so much of energy and won so many prizes and they also plant tree in the premises and a eco club foundation was done for so many activity over there.

As members of IPEN (International Persistent Organic Pollutants Elimination Network )and SAICM, we, also conduct awareness programs and sensitization workshops, about the daily exposure to harmful chemicals and concern about the long-term effects of chemicals on, both human health and the environment and ways to prevent their adverse on the health of children, pregnant women, fertile populations, the elderly, the poor, workers and other vulnerable groups.

We try to help in education, and information exchange on sound management of chemicals for all stakeholders.

We believe in SAICM policy that “the sound management of chemicals is essential, if we are to achieve sustainable development, including the eradication of poverty and disease, the improvement of human health and the environment and the elevation and maintenance of the standard of living in countries at all levels of development."



We celebrate important environment days like Earth Day, World Environment day, World Water Day, International Biodiversity day, Wild Life Week, Green Consumer day ,Van Mahotsav and so on…

Every year between July to Sept. we run our GREEN SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN which comprises of unique programs with various associates like Department of Forests, Regional Science City, to celebrate VAN MAHOTSAV ,to motivate and mobilize people from all walks of life, to not only plant saplings, but promise to ensure the survival of as many saplings and trees around them as possible, so as to improve the greenery and to reduce their carbon foot-prints.

Plantation Drives by us over the past few years At IIM Lucknow, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Prathmik Vidhalay on IIM road, Kendriya Vidhyalay, Mahanagar Boys, Virendra Pratap, Virendra Swaroop, Cheshire Home, South City, Pioneer Montessori School, Navyug Radiance, Fire Station, SGPGI, St.Antony Inter College, Bal Sanghralay & Bal Vidya Mandir and many more……

Under VAN MAHOTSAV CELEBRATIONS we invite schools,institutions,corporate houses and residential societies to join our special activities and campaigns like

Under VAN MAHOTSAV CELEBRATIONS we invite schools,institutions,corporate houses and residential societies to join our special activities and campaigns like

  • EACH 1 PLANT 2, one for your family one for u….
  • Green Card Signature Campaign *FORWARD KARO…Pedh Lagao
  • KAVITA LEEKHO…Pedh Lagao

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