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Inspire the World by your outstanding Green thoughts and Green Acts and  get featured
as a Green Celebrity Or Save Food Ambassador on Prithvi Page 3.

Prithvi's Page 3 Heroes is a Page of Pride and Honour,especially created by us to Inspire and to be inspired by Green Heroes.

Let the world be inspired by you.

We invite you to share your inspiring stories of consistent Green Acts and positive actions with us,in 300 words,along with your photo and be a Green Celebrity .

We love to recognize and honour individuals and institutions for their Unique ,Inspiring Green and Positive actions and would feature them here on this page.
So Go Green....but
Remember with every honour there comes a responsibility to continue your positive green actions more strongly and create a bigger impact.
So Stay Green too...

Little Green Acts by Prithvi Mitras

Just wish to share a thought and about a picture of everyone ,either a selfie or a family or with frns picture doing a green act..i.e. a picture showing you doing something planting trees simply watering the plants,or feeding the birds,for reusing plastic bottles,cleaning the space around,leaving no food in the plate,serving half glass water,putting bottles in the flush to reduce water wastage.......just any green let's get going....Let's go green and stay green.....

Just a way of Celebrating our solidarity with Mother Earth and showing that we will never stop to care for its beautiful flora , fauna and amazing eco-systems.

Time to share your special green acts and stories with Prithvi Innovations on World Environment Day.

Name- Shreya Pandey
Date of Birth- 20/06/2005
Father'Name- Mr. Chandra Bhushan
Science Model/Innovation/Project 's Teacher cum Guide Name- Mr. Abhishek Kumar
School's Name- Upper Primary School, Jakhauli, Block-Domariyaganj, District-Siddharthnagar, State-Uttar Pradesh
(Governed under Basic Shiksha Parishad,Uttar Pradesh Government)

Many many congratulations to dear Shreya, student of Upper Primary School ,Jakhauli,Domariyaganj,Siddharthnagar, ,Uttar Pradesh,for winning the award for Science model/Innovation/Project under Raman Young Science Innovator Award(RYSI)-National Award,Bengaluru. 
Shreya is a living example of the great potential and talent hidden in our villages. Shreya was guided and mentored by our dynamic member Abhishek Kumar,who is very committed and competent Science teacher in the school.

A proud moment for all. 

Page 3 Heroes Stories

Meet Prithvi's Little Celebrity.... Ms. Naina

Naina, yes that's the name of our little Ms.Inspiration.
Naina is class 3 student at CMS,Gomtinagar and loves drawing pictures, painting.
She has special love for greenery, volunteers with her mother for plantation and watering drives and is always keen to learn about new species of plants.

It's been 2 months since she begun to donate a handful of wheat grain as a part of her worship( her mother is trying to make her understand that feeding a hungry is best mode of prayer) .

Having a strong bond with her Nani, she had learnt many Shloka from a very young age, सूर्य का अर्घ्य is her routine
Otherwise she is a taetkwondo player, learning the Martial art since the age of three and half.

Earned many medals in different (state and national level) championship. Proud bearer of red one belt.

Wow...does not that sound simply superb!.
We feel inspired.....
Our best wishes and love to dear Naina.
Naina stay connected...we will love to hear from you about all your green efforts....
...that's what sustainability is all about...

Naina 's Mother...Mrs.Manjari...
The hard work & inspiration behind our little Ms.Inspiration.

It's been 8 years since I became a mother of a beautiful bundle of joy,Naina.
....time flies and every day was a new day to us, training and learning became an ongoing part of life...
I as a mother I always tried to focus on learning values and principles,and wished she evolves as a physically and emotionally a strong  person.

I wish I could nurture the best human within her.

Zero Food Wastage and Waste Management at MVM

10th Novemver at Maharishi Vidya mandir

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16th April
At Brainobrain Fest at Pioneer Montessori Inter College.

Prithvi's Save Food Ambassadors

Meet Prithvi's Save Food Ambassadors.
The proud recipients of our 'Save Food Ambassador Badge'(SFAB).

SFAB is a very special honour bestowed by us ,upon those individuals who stand apart in a gathering or a party, due to their compassionate green actions.

It gives us great joy to honour such people who are mindful, sensitive and responsible because they do not waste food,and leave their plates clean ,when they are invited to parties.
They respect and value every bit of the food.

Isn't it wonderful!

If you are wondering how did we come to know about them or how and where did we meet them.

Well...that's our little secret but surely we will love to share with you, if you wish to invite us to any upcoming party of yours (official or personal), or of your friends or colleagues.

Believe us, we will give you a reason to smile and be a change maker.

And who knows you could be the next face for our Page 3 as Prithvi's Save Food Ambassador along with your friends.

Invite to the Party