Prithvi's Plantation program

Prithvi's Plantation Program

5th Aug, 2017

At 8.30 am at Bitholi Tiraha ,in collaboration with NHAI ( National Highway Authority of India).



Prithvi Innovations in collaboration with 'National Highways Authority of India' organised another plantation drive ,as part of its 'Prithvi Utsav' program,on a patch of divider on NH from Madiyon Thana to Bitholi tiraha. Prithvi's team along with NHAI planted around 100 plants.

As a unique gesture,on the auspicious onset of Rakshabandhan and Friendship Day,Suruchi and Rukhsana from Prithvi welcomed all by tying a green Mangal Sutra and Raksha sutra ,in the shape of a Tree cut out,on their wrist. Prithvi Innovations brought together public institutions, youth clubs, women organizations, private enterprises, schools to become 'Taru Mitra' and 'Prithvi Mitra' & plant and protect trees and maintain greenery for a healthy and prosperous life. Their team got full support from the National Highways Authority of India .

Mr. Sushil from National Highways Authority of India apallauded Prithvi Innovations work, he requested everyone to take care of the plants and assured that he will ensure that all plants are being taken care of.

The plantation drive started with a small prayer, and Mrs.Anuradha encouraged everyone present there with her motivational words.

Mr Girish from Prithvi Innovations depicted a beautiful poem and energyized everyone with his soulful and beautiful song before the plantation. 'Prithvi Utsav' had renowned members like famous Scientologist Dr.PK Srivastava, Dr. Pankaj Kumar from IIM,Principal of ICCMRT, Dr. Javir Ali , Shri VK Singh, Science Specialist Shri SP Gupta , Shri Sanjay Bhargava from SBI, etc..

Also participating in the event were SUR MEMORIAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Youth Hostels Association of India, Vice President of the unit Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal, Secretary Mr.Pankaj Srivastava, Inner Wheel Club of Lucknow ,Inner Wheel Prerna,Inner Wheel Gomti.

Everyone participated in the plantation drive with all enthusiasm. In the end, Mrs Nisha Bhargava of Prithvi's team thanked all present members, especially NHAI's team for making the program a success.

Mrs. Anuradha Gupta ,Secretary of Prithvi Innovations said Prithvi wants to celebrate 15th August, by making the roadside and dividers green at IIM Road and National Highway and is trying to persuade the officials at Forest department, IIM,PWD Nagar Nigam to provide all possible support.

2nd Aug, 2017

At 10.00 am at Vastu khand with Kids Kingdom Gomtinagar,in a park.

Creation of Prithvi's Panchvati' at Vastu Khand,Gomtinagar with Kids Kingdom students and Vice Principal Mrs.Praveen and her team of Manjari and others.

1st Aug, 2017

Get ready for a rendezvous with Mother Earth. Experience the sheer joy and bliss of planting Prithvi's 'Panchvati' ( five auspicious trees )with us.