Education for Sustainable Future (ESF)

Feel Blessed & Be Grateful for your blessings.
Respect them & Love and Care for them.

Share your blessings & build a greener, cleaner, healthier, toxic free, safe & a peaceful world.

Simply put, our ‘Education for Sustainable Future’ (ESF) or ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ (ESD) program just tries to do the above.

It strives to work on the inner self-on one’s values, attitude, thoughts, perceptions, aspirations, knoweldege,skills,behavior, habits and lifestyle and how they can be the real drivers to build SMART Compassionate citizens and hence sustainable communities & Smart Cities or Smart Countries.

It just tries to sensitize individuals and institutions to be

  • S-Sensitive of your choices & their impact on People & Planet
  • M-Minimalist-optimize your resources-are not superfluous, extravagant,reckless
  • A-Analytical-Analyse your attitude,thoughts, choices &actions
  • RResponsible & Reasonable- Choose responsibly
  • T-Thoughtful & True to oneself & others


Our ESD program tries to addresses all the above questions, by Exploring, Energizing, Educating, Enlightening, Engaging, Enabling and Empowering one and all, especially students, teachers and communities, through a mix of innovative activities, programs, studies and action projects.

It aims to bring about a positive change in one’s perception & attitude, thus inspiring them to CARE & SHARE THEIR BLESSINGS, to attain balanced growth in the area of Environment, Education, Health, Economic & Social Empowerment.

Our ESF program helps everyone Pause-Ponder-Participate over the following core questions

  1. Whether we, (as an individual, as a member of a local community, as a member of larger community-UNIVERSE) are Sensitive or Compassionate, Thoughtful, Rational and Responsible of
    • What we Consume, Produce & Throw ??
    • How much we Consume, Produce & Throw ???
    • How often we Consume, Produce & Throw ????
    • Why we Consume, Produce & Throw ????
    • When we Consume, Produce & Throw?????
    • Where we consume , Produce & throw?????
  2. Do we Consume & Produce & Throw with Care & Compassion for the Planet & People?
  3. Do we lead a Sustainable Lifestyle???
  4. Are we Sustainable Consumers & Producers ??
  5. Are we here for MONEY -POWER –CONFLICT-????
  6. Or, Are we here to CARE- to Share our Blessings- to love and to feel loved, to build Faith- to raise Hope –and to work for social-economic and environmental balance and growth.