Gallery 2017

Prithvi's 8th Annapoorna Rasoi

3rd Dec, 2017 | Lucknow

Darbar e Khushi Event

2nd Dec, 2017 | Lucknow

Zero Food Wastage and Waste Management at MVM

10th Nov, 2017 | Lucknow

Gomti Gaatha - Eco Workshop

1st Nov, 2017 | Lucknow

Aao Deep se Deep Jalayein

18th Oct, 2017 | Lucknow

'Darbar-e-Khushi' or 'Space for Kindness'

11th Oct, 2017 | Lucknow

1st Oct-7th Oct - Daan Utsav Week Celebrations begin at Prithvi Innovations

1st - 7th Oct, 2017 | Lucknow

Eco-Expressions by Prithvi Innovations

17th Sep, 2017 | Lucknow

Awareness Programme as "Good Touch and Bad Touch" for childrens

10th Sep, 2017 | Lucknow

International Literacy Day Celebration at Prathmik Vidhyalay,   Muttakipur by Prithvi Innovations Team

8th Sep, 2017 | Lucknow

जागो-री-जागो सिलाई एवं जागरूकता केंद्र

5th Sep, 2017 | Lucknow

National Children's Science Congress 2017 (NCSC-2017)

19th Aug, 2017 | Lucknow

Independence Day Celebration

15th Aug, 2017 | Lucknow

Janmashtmi and Independence Day Celebration

14th and 15th Aug, 2017 | Lucknow

International Youth Day Celebration

12th Aug, 2017 | Lucknow

Plantation Program

10th Aug, 2017 | Lucknow

'Prithvi's Guthli Club' finds wings

16th July | Lucknow

4th Annapoorna Rasoi

14th July | Lucknow

Prithvi Ki Rasbhari Aamshala

June 25, 2017 | Lucknow

Global Conference of the 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme

21-23 June 2017 | Pretoria, South Africa

International Day of Biological Diversity or World Biodiversity Day.

May 22, 2017 | Lucknow

Getting ready by washing hands and feet to have their Khichdi.

May 20, 2017 | Lucknow

Prithvi's 3rd Annapoorna Rasoi not only feeds the hungry children of a slum in Janakipuram but also engages them in hands on activities on cleanliness and basic hygiene.

On 20th May Prithvi's team served around 55 kg Khichidi to around 250 children and few adults as part of their 'Annapoorna Yagya.'

The children not only enjoyed the hot nutritious Khichidi amidst lot of fun fare and story telling but also got a chance to interact with the team of Nagar Nigam officials.

our supporting hands backstage who make Annapoorna Rasoi possible every month, Nisha ji, Rukhsana, Suraj, Julie, Pradeep, Premshankar, Vimlesh Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Raju Pradhan, Deepu.


'Let each day be an Earth day,' Resolve to Care -Commit-Connect.

April 22, 2017 | Lucknow
Prithvi celebrates Earth Day in great spirit and style at Regional Science City, Lucknow, energizing, educating and engaging more than 350 students and teachers from around 20 schools in Lucknow. It was a day of great joy, celebrations and commitments on 22nd April 2017.

Saved food from going to dustbin..
Distribution of left over food at Brainobrain Fest... to the Aashram.

Prithvi's team with the support of Pioneer Montessori Inter College,Udyan collects and distributes the extra food (50 kg chola, 12 kg rice, 8 kgs vegetables and around 200 puris left during Brainobrain fest on 16th Apr.2017.