Creative Waste Management

Creative Waste Management
04 July, 2018

Prithvi's 10'R's of Creative Waste Management- Creating Tribal Masks from used plastic bottles
It was a day full of creativity and fun as Prithvi's youth members from Ghaila Gaon and Raipur indulged in finding innovative way to reuse old plastic bottles ,cans and other waste under the guidance of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma and Anuradha Gupta.
Many many thanks for the kind support by Prasenjit ji, which enabled the students and  women from Ghaila gaon to learn and enjoy the the Tribal Mask workshop conducted by Mr.Sanjeev Sharma from Silbata Love.
It was a workshop on recycling or reusing the plastic bottles and other waste items . Everyone enjoyed working together and amazing tribal masks were created.
We also celebrated Van Mahotsav and started the workshop by planting few saplings in the park at Eldeco.