Prithvi’s ‘ANNAPOORNA YAGYA’ is a call to all sections of the society, by Prithvi Innovations, to come forward and show their solidarity and be an AANPOORNA themselves as follows.

A ‘Yagya’ is an important ritual in our culture to practice and promote the principles of SAMUHIK SANKALP (collaborative resolution), SANYAM (self & social discipline), SUDHAAR (self & social improvement) & SANTULAN (self and social balance in all ways), so as to spread positive energy and peace.

FOOD is especially revered by us INDIANS, and it’s not just environmental, economic, social and moral crime to waste food but a spiritual crime too. All religions emphasis the importance of food and want everyone to not to waste even a bit of it.
Yet we continue to see massive Food wastage, all around us, across all sectors, be it Household sector, Commercial Sector, Corporate sector, Educational & Professional Institutes, Hospitality sector, etc..,all the time, be it official conferences or personal  gatherings.

Food wastage is a serious universal problem and has strong inter-linkages with other pressing issues like that of Food Security, Poverty, Hunger, Environmental conservation, Cleanliness and Health. It has a close connection with Swach Bharat Abhiyan too.

Zero Food Wastage at Eldeco Towne

Annapoorna Kosh

As our valuable Partners of ‘ANNAPOORNA YAGYA’ we invite to take Ek Sankalp –A Resolution…to Commit in thoughts and actions

  • to take our ‘ZERO FOOD WASTAGE CHALLENGE’,i.e. by consciously making all efforts to minimize and control the wastage of Food, of any kind, anywhere and at any time by implementing the innovative ideas and activities we have..
  • to take our ‘ZERO HUNGER CHALLENGE’ i.e. to help us provide at least one time meal to the poor, needy, hungry children and old, disabled people by giving your first aahuti (donation) of a handful of grains (rice and dal),by both hands in Prithvi’s ‘ANNAPOORNA KOSH’-GRAIN BANK ,( our special cloth bags to collect rice and dal) ,on any two Saturdays of every month and every time there is any food wastage by you, at home or outside (in office/school/train/plane/parties),
  • to help and support ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Rasoi’ – a decentralized provision to cook one time meal and distribute to the poor and needy as mentioned above, as a mark of our commitment to our Nation and to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • to be an ‘Annapoorna Ambassadors(AA)’, first and then, to build a strong  team of ‘Annapoorna Ambassadors around and thus take forward our 'Annapoorna Jagriti Abhiyaan (AJA)' or ‘BE FOODWISE & LEAVE NO FOODPRINTS’ program and invite more and more people, especially your families and institutions a as. and institution's to join it and take the.


Our program tries to address all these concerns and issues and find sustainable solutions too.
Give your precious aahuti in Prithvi’s ANNAPOORNA YAGYA’ and invite your friends to do the same.

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