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Prithvi Innovations major activities and programs throughout the year 2016 focused on the ‘Potentials and Possibilities for Individuals to become Change Ambassadors to build Transformative communities on the principles of Education for Sustainable Lifestyle (ESL)or Education for Sustainable Development, (ESD).
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They were targeted on the three major categories of individuals as listed below, both rural and urban, across age, income, gender, culture, occupation, religion and regions:

  • Students- Children and Youth
  • Educators or Teachers
  • Professionals & Community People.
Through these various multi-dimensional activities, in the form of workshops, Talk –shows, Save Resources Action Campaign, interactive sessions, seminars and projects, we tried to sensitize one and all, especially the above categories of participants, to be not mere citizens, but Compassionate Global Citizens (CGC) and true followers, promoters and MOTIVATORS of ESD. To be confident individuals, who, have imbibed ESL into their daily lives, which is reflected in their attitude, approach, actions and way of living, for only they can, lay the foundation of Transformative Communities, in line with the principles of ESD.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) or Education for Sustainable Lifestyle (ESL) is a way of education which encompasses all the stages and disciplines of life, and brings about a fundamental change in the way Students, Youth, Educators, Professionals, Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Citizens, think, act and react to the various socio-cultural, economic and environmental challenges around them, to create clean, green, healthy, safe, peaceful and progressive communities.

Thus our innovative, interactive sessions, at various places, throughout the year aptly highlighted that in order to protect our environment, what we need today is, a strong, and committed force of multifaceted Motivators cum Change Ambassadors (especially Students –Children and Youth, The Educators or Teachers, the Professionals and the Community people or CITIZENS).
We need CITIZENS (across age, education, culture, income, region and religion) full of drive, energy, creativity, confidence and perseverance who can think critically and compassionately and who care and dare to live Sustainably. The ever-evolving, complex and far-reaching concept of Education for Sustainable Lifestyle (ESL) can become a reality if, we can nurture Transformational leaders, who can see beyond, think beyond and act beyond. Through these interesting interactive sessions, throughout the year, we tried to sensitize all the above categories of participants about the four important aspects of ESD:

  • Right attitude (positive & open-minded), Values (respect, tolerance, trust, patience, etc.)
  • Concern, Compassion, Clarity & Consensus (of goal, of values, of available resources, of Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats-SWOT, both of self and the group), Creativity, Competency, Commitment & Consistency.
  • Self-drive and motivation. Willingness or energy & enthusiasm to initiate, to act, to inter-act, to lead and to sustain the drive and energy towards Sustainable Living.
  • Knowledge and Skills to absorb, assimilate, analyze and apply the Multiple Perspective concept and Approach to find sustainable solution to any problem or situation in hand, i.e. to understand the issue in hand from different perspectives, i.e. Geographical, Historic, Cultural, Human Rights, Economic, Environmental, Social, Science and Technology, Gender etc. before arriving at any partial or short term solutions.

We emphasized that it was very important to understand the close connections and strong linkages between the different factors that influence the cause and effect of any given issue to find a sustainable answer, though it may seem time-consuming and difficult. We explained that by ignoring the big and the complete picture, i.e. isolated thinking can often aggravate the problem in the long run and deviate one from the very objective of sustainable growth and development.

The passion, zeal, dedication and consistent efforts of Ms. Anuradha Gupta, the Founder Secretary of our organization, in this direction were recognized when she was honoured and awarded by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi ji in December 2015 and later in the 2016 by many more organizations.

We are extremely grateful to all our glocal Volunteers, Associates, Supporters, Friends and family members (various schools and educational institutes, Regional Science City, All India Radio, TCS, Department of Forest, Lucknow Chapter of ICWAI, IIM, Lucknow, Department of Income Tax, Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Biotech Park, to name a few) for their belief in our efforts and for their moral and financial support, which made this journey truly engaging, enriching, exciting and empowering for all concerned. Our special thanks to the UNESCO Chair for Education about Sustainable Lifestyles, PERL/UNITWIN and to the SLE program of 10YFP program of UNEP for giving us this opportunity to share our contribution, experience and learnings. Attached please find a Glimpse of some of the major activities conducted in 2016,for the YOUTH, EDUCATORS and for PROFESSIONALS & COMMUNITY PEOPLE.

Prithvi Innovations YOUTH PROGRAMS-FOR STUDENTS (both children and Youth)in the year 2016 :
In the above context, very innovative and interactive workshops and activities were conducted by Prithvi Innovations, under this theme at various places and for various Youth groups in 2016.They aimed to ignite the Youth to unleash their potential and unite to Re-look, to Re-think, to Re-act and to Re-affirm their concern and commitment towards Their Planet-Their Future by ensuring environment sustainability.
The youth workshops mainly comprised of Ice-breaking exercise, Sensitizing activities and role-plays, Team work, Simulation Games, Group Discussions, Capacity building sessions, and resulted in

  • Learning from the game, Brainstorming on ESD-existing pattern and desired pattern.
  • iii) Group Dynamism- understanding and applying multiple perspective approach (MPA) in ESD to the given group tasks or project work.
  • Project identification on Saving or conserving all resources, especially Food, Energy,

Biodiversity, Water etc.. and solution finding through data collection, field survey cum studies.

  • Group Discussions,Presentations,Hands on activities with a touch of creativity and innovation.

Some of the places where such workshops were organized in 2016

  • At National Youth Convention to mark the birth anniversary of great Indian Youth Icon Swami Vivekananda Ji, at Ramkrishna Math, Lucknow on 10th January 2016
  • At one day workshop conducted during the five days ‘Youth –led Sustainable Development Program organized by Department of Social Works, Lucknow University from 15th to 19th March 2016.
  • Earth Day Celebrations from 20th to 22nd Apr.2016

The aim of the program was to sensitize everyone about the great loss of precious natural, human and capital resources due to massive FOOD WASTAGE by one and all, on various occasions and at various places and to mobilize all present, to take action and make conscious efforts individually and jointly to reduce or prevent FOOD WASTAGE, wherever possible by shifting and adopting sustainable habits, behavior and attitude.

We organized innovative activities and contests like street plays, Poster contests, Food toons, Earth Dance, Case-study –Problem solving, for students and teachers as part of our ESL program on Earth Day, from 21st Apr.16 onwards at Regional Science City, Lucknow, where-in various schools participated with great enthusiasm.

More than 1000 students, teachers, parents and professionals joined the program, including All India Radio, Biotech Park, Jan Shikshan Sansthan,, Directorate of Environment,etc, Lucknow Chapter of Management Accountants and IIM Lucknow.. Since our birth, Mother Earth has fed and nurtured us with countless resources & unconditional love like a true mother. One of the best way to care for Mother Earth is to be grateful to it for all it’s gifts to us and to show our gratitude by respecting and loving it and by using all it’s resources rationally and sustainably.

In line with the above thought, one of the best way to save our precious natural resources, like water, energy (fossil fuel),biodiversity, minerals, etc.. is to SAVE FOOD by being Food-wise and uniting to say NO to Food Wastage.

As per UN’s FAO, around 1/3rd of food good for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, that is around 1.3 billion tons a year. Food wastage is a serious universal problem and has strong inter-linkages with other pressing issues like that of Food Security, Poverty, Hunger, Social unrest, Environmental conservation, Cleanliness and Health. Hence it has a close connection with Swach Bharat Abhiyaan too.

All participants were requested to bring a birthday gift for Mother Earth- like a decorated bird water pot or bird house to be hang on trees on roads and in parks to show our concern for mother Earth. Besides they were invited to be Prithvi’s ‘Save All Resources Ambassadors’ and offer their valuable insights and support in adopting and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, in and around their institution by conducting various awareness and action programs on a regular basis.

  • Hands On Activity cum workshop on Three R’s conducted by Prithvi Innovations Youth Volunteers on World Environment Day at Regional Science City, Lucknow on 4th June 2016.
  • At the inaugural function of Lucknow Chapter of Cost Accountants, Lucknow in 16th July, 2016
  • Sensitization Program conducted by Prithvi Innovation’s Team for Youth delegates at Youth Meet at Tata Consultancy Services ,Lucknow in 2016.
  • ‘Health in our Hands’-Sensitization Program for school students of rural area.
  • Youth team from Prithvi, honouring the individuals for their green actions and efforts in a State Level event in Nov.2016.
  • The Green and Clean Drive organized on 2nd and 3rd Oct. at Gandhi Jayanti.
  • Sensitization Program for Prithvi Ekta Leo Club in Oct.2016.

B) Prithvi Innovations EDUCATORS & TEACHERS PROGRAMS in the year 2016:
‘Education for a Sustainable Development–ESD’ fosters an understanding of the interconnectedness of ecology (Environmental Management and Biodiversity Conservation), economics and social equity. It utilizes a multi-disciplinary, learner-centered approach, and an innovative and participative education strategy to sensitize and empower individuals, especially students. Hence, it is a mix of Environmental Education (EE), Value Education (VE), Citizenship Education (CE), Multidisciplinary Education (ME) Systems Education (SE), Sustainable Lifestyle Education(SLE) and uses multidimensional knowledge, perspectives, approach, skills, style, educational techniques and strategies like experimental learning, enquiry based learned, situational analysis, forward and backward visioning, storytelling, brainstorming, and mapping to explore the issue in its totality.
Hence, for teachers imparting ESD it was very important to first, imbibe the above mentioned key components in themselves and then strive to develop the same attitude, thinking and approach in the students, while working on any environmental or socioeconomic project at school or community level. Students should be constantly trained in the day to day classroom teaching too, to think critically and explore all perspectives in the process of consensus building and problem-solving.
The whole concept of ESD cannot be implemented in bits and pieces; rather it should be well integrated with the school curriculum and annual calendar, across all subjects and stakeholders.
This was the core theme of various activities organized for Educators, especially during the National Seminar organized by the Department of Education, Khwaja Moinuddin Christi Urdu Arabi Farsi University, where in Prithvi Innovations team conducted major activities and made a presentation on the ‘Role of Educators in Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development’. Thus the sessions not only achieved its objective of educating the Teachers about the ESL, but was of immense help in developing the willingness, enthusiasm, right skills, right attitude and approach towards implementing ESD in
The sessions thus tried to highlight few important aspects of ESD in the glocal context. It was an attempt to explore Teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the concept of ESD and their attitude towards it.

  • Their present level of awareness, attitude, knowledge of various concepts of ESD.
  • The skills and styles utilized by them to promote ESD in their day–to-day teaching.
  • The nature of the support system, which facilitates or hinders the adoption of ESD in the daily personal, social and professional life, across all subjects and disciplines..
  • The extent of their inclination or willingness to adopt ESD. Their own ideas, suggestions and plans to adopt and promote ESD among their fellow students. The degree of their concern and commitment towards developing guidelines and priorities for ESD.

Some of the other places where such capacity building workshops for teachers were organized in 2016.

  • CMS Teachers Meet, Lucknow Sensitization Program was organized by Ms. Anuradha Gupta for the teachers and Mentors of various schools across UP during the District Level National Children Science Congress at Bal Vidya Mandir in Sept.2016 .
  •  Capacity Building Program for Teachers at State Level National Children’s Science Congress, at Pioneer Montessori Inter College, Lucknow in Nov.2016.
  • Ms. Anuradha was also invited to make a Presentation in a workshop on Education for Sustainable Lifestyles coordinated by PERL/UNITWIN and the Stockholm Environment Institute on the 31st of May 2016.
  • As MAC member in India, Ms. Gupta has been contributing in promoting the objectives of the SLE program at local, regional and national levels, by representing the Programme in national and regional events, disseminating useful materials and participating in meetings and activities planned by the Co-leads of the SLE. She was invited as MAC member to attend the 2nd MAC Meet of SLE program of 10YFP of UNEP, from the 31st to the 3d of June, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Ms .Anuradha from Prithvi Innovations was invited to participate in the ‘Life cycle thinking and eco-innovation training for Asia and the Pacific’ organized by FICCI & UNEP &on 19th & 20th Oct.16 in New Delhi.
  • Presentation and Capacity Building Session conducted on Waste Minimization and Sustainable Resource Management to build SMART CITIES during CMA SAMAGAAM 2016 held at Hotel Taj,Lucknow in March 2016.
  • Interactive session on the Role of Women in Building Sustainable Communities conducted during Women’s Meet held at ICWA chapter, Lucknow.
  • SAVE FOOD-SAVE RESOURCES Campaign conducted on 4th & 5th Oct.2016 at Training Institute of Income Tax Department, Lucknow.


  • Sensitization Session on ESL for the Parent and rural community people during an Annual day program in Feb.2016
  • Sensitization Program on SAVE RESOURCES conducted during the train journey for the passengers of Shatabdi Express train.
  • Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle Education through various activities and interactive session on World Biodiversity Day for the residents of Eldeco Towne, on 21st May 2016.

Community Mobilization Program for Green Thoughts and green Actions on World Environment Day-5th June, 2016.

Mobilizing the community members of Lions Pratishtha for adopting Sustainable Food habits.

  • Sensitization Program on ESL for the officers of Income Tax Department in Oct.2016
  • VAN MAHOTSAV ( Plantation) Celebrations conducted in the months of JULY to sept.2016 at various places, along with Forest Department.
  • Community mobilization program on 15th Aug.2016

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