About Us

Our Genesis

Let’s re-discover ourselves – re-discover the world around us.
Let’s think anew and act afresh.
Our time starts now.
Let’s not just wait and watch.

Let’s rise and re-act….,
to the prevailing unrest,
to the rising stress,
to the depleting flora and fauna,
to the growing suffering and pain and subsequently
to the emerging need for change.

Hence, to everyone reading this, we wish to make a heartfelt request.
If there is one thing that will bring real change around us, it is, the belief that each one is responsible for the present environment around us & that each one has the potential to make it better.
Our environment is an inter-connected web of life where nature, home and community work together to make good life possible. Good life depends on balance and commitment. It means finding balance with our Earth, Air and Water as well as with our families and our communities at glocal level. There are few things in life as enriching and satisfying as working with others and for others to make a better future.
Only you can do it. No one can make you start.
You have to decide whether you are willing to contribute to having a more rewarding life around you.
Remember that beginning is important.
And even more important is the will to persist and persist, even though there would be some issues, problems and challenges to address as time passes…..but remember every moment evolves you.

Our Birth:

This sense of responsibility for the present state of the society, strong conviction in individual & institutional capabilities & capacities, an urge to do something positive and pro-active and the spirit of service gave birth to a voluntary association called Prithvi Innovations in 2002.

Our Growth:

Over a period of time, with the commitment of the volunteers, cooperation of our members and the generous support of our Mentors we evolved as a formal, not for profit organization, committed to change and registered under Societies Registration Act 1860. (Registration No. 344).
Besides the local initiatives, we also strived for global partnership. And within a short span of time our efforts got recognized internationally when on 21st August, 2002 we became the first official Organizing Committee of Clean Up the World, Sydney, Australia in Uttar Pradesh.
(Clean Up the World is a non-profit global organization, engaged in various Clean up, Fix up environmental projects & events held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)).
Since then, there has been no looking back….

Our Belief:



  • Sustainable Lifestyle & Education (SLE)
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Event Management
  • Community Driven Development
  • Business Communication ,Soft Skills, Personality Development

Our Objective:

To carry out promotional, developmental and transformational activities in the areas of Education, Environment, Management, Health & Nutrition.
To provide a platform to various people from different areas of community to synergize their strengths to initiate and sustain reforms in the above areas.
To foster a sense of responsibility & concern for the present state of society and to motivate and mobilize community to find solutions to the present problems.
To actualize the creativity & potentials of youth and children and provide them excellent opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Our Strengths

We strive for 10Es

The foundation of all our efforts lies on ‘8 Es’- Exploring, Experimenting,Educating, Enligthening, Engaging, Enabling, Enriching, Enjoying, and Empowering.

PI aims to add value and beauty in the natural and manmade environment, especially in the lives of individuals, especially children, youth and women of deprived communities and rural areas by Exploring, Enlightening, Educating, Engaging, Enabling, Enriching and Empowering them.
It strives to synergize with individuals and institutions to promote Sustainable Lifestyle and Education so as to create positive, progressive, healthy, clean and green environment for peaceful co-existence of one and all, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
It has been instrumental in improving the quality of education, both, formal and non-formal, by introducing innovative, creative, all-inclusive mediums of learning and promoting the same in educational and professional institutions and in the wider community.
It has made substantial contribution by successfully conceptualizing, planning, organizing and coordinating multi-dimensional programs, workshops, events, field-trips, campaigns, presentations, at both local, national and international levels.