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Abhivyakti or Eco-Creations:

Prithvi’s Eco-Creations include:

Beautiful eco-friendly, hand-made, multi utility gift items like flower baskets, display baskets of all shapes, pot containers, table coasters, pen-stands, cloth bags, shagun envelopes, greeting cards, aprons, hankerchiefs, photoframes, painting, hand printed t-shirts, etc..

THE BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING of Eco-innovation and Waste Management……

What makes it unique is its strong inter-linkages with Socio-economic growth, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Lifestyle Education, Environmental Conservation and Women Empowerment
‘ABHIVYAKTI’ project is a direct outcome of social innovation and entrepreneurship by Prithvi Innovations. It aims to show how, the background of ‘Cost and Management accounting’, combined with ‘Education for Sustainable Lifestyle’ (ESL), can ignite the mind and bring a significant change how one views things, thus helping one to convert problems into solutions, i.e from Waste to Wealth. It helps us to promote scientific principles of Waste Management in the society.

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Eco-Expressions by Prithvi Innovations

From Idea to Enterprise to Sustainable Growth

It demonstrates Collective Conviction and Commitment to Care, Conserve and Create. It demonstrates the power of multi-perspective approach and Life-cycle thinking, which enables an individual to shift to Sustainable Consumption and Production.

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**We invite you to adopt, endorse and gift these Eco-Creations and also help us build networks and linkages to show-case and sell the various eco-crafts designed and created by youth and women from rural and slum –areas.**

The project vividly demonstrates how issues and problems related to Waste can be looked from multi-perspective approach and how such insightful thinking can lead to
  • Minimization of waste
  • socio-economic empowerment through creation of wealth,
  • livelihood generation,
  • revival and conservation of lost traditional art and craft and
  • optimum utilization of resources and environmental sustainability. It promotes conservation of resources, since they are handmade, no electricity, no water, or soil required.
  • It does not produce any wastages, rather it takes care of most problematic part of our waste-polythenes.
  • Prevents littering and reduces pollution, since they reuse all the discarded polythenes which would have otherwise choked the drains, or eaten by the animals or burned to produce toxic gases,
  • Helps in empowering women by becoming a source of income for them and giving them economic freedom.


The Issue of Waste


The common problem encountered by all of us daily is the presence of polythenes and poly wrappers everywhere- on the streets, in the drains, on the ground, etc.. Sometimes single, sometimes in plenty, sometimes thin and clumsy (below 20 microns), sometimes thick and attractive (Kurkure, Uncle chips, other packing wrappers etc..) these polythenes keep changing their place , when they are thrown out of our house by us, everyday. They travel distances and continue creating problems (polluting the land, water) at places far away from their source.

To add to the problem, often they are collected and burned by so called educated people like us. They end up polluting the atmosphere by generating DIOXINS & Furans (harmful substances) if burned on a mass scale, in closed surroundings.

We at Prithvi were deeply disturbed by this problem and sincerely wished to do something about it, Hence we decided to initiate our program of Scientific Waste Management based on the simple principle of “ Your Waste is not waste unless you waste it’.

A firm believer of 5 R’s REFUSE-REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE-Re-innovate, we decided to sensitize the community about the need to value waste and try to explore ways and means to make the best use of it, instead of considering it useless.

Firstly we tried to identify the common categories of waste which comes out from an average household , broadly-Green/Wet or Kitchen& Garden Waste(Biodegradable), Dry or Non Biodegradable waste (polythenes, iron, plastic, aluminium, glass, paper, hardboard, etc..).We organized number of workshops and programs to give them scientific tips on better waste Management, based on the simple principle of ‘Let’s Separate’. Often, more out of indifference, rather than out of ignorance, people fail to understand that the problem of Waste multiplies the moment we mix all kind of waste together. If you had a chance to walk down the backyards of any institute ( research, management, educational,), corporate or government offices, media houses, hotels, hospitals, you would be shocked to see the contrasting picture. The front view of all these places may look very clean and well kept, but at the back you will find heaps of mixed waste either dumped or burnt or thrown recklessly here and there. ABHIVYAKTI was a product of these alarming findings. We realized that it’s not only the households but even the most high class institutes pay little attention to their Waste, because it happens to be the least priority area for them.

We strongly felt this need to change. And we motivated the students of few schools and like minded community people explore, understand and evolve solutions to deal with this problem. The first step everybody agreed was ‘to separate the waste at source’ by disposing the waste in separate containers or bags esp. kept for the Wet & Dry Waste. But that meant arranging two bags or bins and people were reluctant to invest even Rs.50 for getting these bags, which could last for at least six months.

Surprising is’t it! An average family of four now-a-days spends up to Rs.400 per week on outings ( six months-Rs.2400). So initially we provided around 250 bags sponsored by our Global Associates (in environmental awareness program)CLEAN UP THE WORLD, based at Sydney. And now the real challenge started. Motivating & sensitizing people to separate the waste, collecting polythenes wrappers from them, contacting the recycling agents to take the remaining dry waste like iron, glass etc..,ensuring that these kabariballas donot dump it here & there, was a difficult task.

EUREKA-The Birth of ‘Abhivyakti’- The Eco-Creations

From Insight to Action- From Waste to Wealth

Engrossed in these nitty gritties of Waste Management, one fine day a beautiful idea came in the mind of our Founder Secretary Mrs. Anuradha Gupta while she was in interacting with some village women regarding some literacy program. She saw some of them making daliyas out of new multicoloured polythenes. She discussed the idea with them-that of substituting the new polythenes with the used up polythenes (which form 5-8% of our waste). It was decided that we would give them these used polythenes and also help them create new designs. Thus we started collecting & giving these wrappers to the women living in the villages & slum and with their help and craftsman skills we were able to transform these wasteful polythenes into multicloured utility items which could be put to multiple uses, mainly for decoration, display & storage of various household or office goods like Stationery Items, Medicines, Jwellery & Cosmetics, Table Utilities etc..


From Idea to Enterprise to Sustainable Growth

Thus started the journey of ‘ABHIVYAKTI’- an innovative expression of scientific thinking and teamwork to Save Nature, Promote Local Craft and Empower Women. Very soon the waste became beautiful and we displayed these “Best out of Waste’ at various places(schools, Institutes, Community Parks, etc..) on various occasions like World Environment Day, National Science Day, School Annual Exhibitions, Art & Craft Melas, to spread the message of ‘Conservation-Creativity-Craftmanship can go hand in hand. The response was overwhelming. Everybody, young or old appreciated the idea and found all the items worthy of praise. Some of them were especially touched by the concept, the message and the art work. Abhivyakti had a universal appeal, which became visible when our friends from the other countries like USA, CANADA, JAPAN, NEWZEALAND, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA declared that these creations were priceless, during the exhibitions organized at the Global Symposium & World Chief Justice Conference held at Lucknow and the Children World Summit at Japan.
Thus continues the journey of ‘Abhivyakti’. It continues to provide livelihood to few households, minimize and manage a part of our waste and encourage social innovation and entrepreneurship by empowering women.The idea has strong inter-linkages with Socio-economic growth, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Lifestyle Education, Environmental Conservation and Women Empowerment.

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