Shri Subhash Savitri Preet Prerna Sammaan


  • WHAT-About the Award
  • By Whom- ( in the loving memory of..)
  • WHO CAN APPLY- The eligibility criteria
  • WHY- The Purpose or Objective
  • WHEN- the Time-line
  • HOW To APPLY- the application process
  • IMPORTANT DATES- to remember for compliance
  • Evaluation Criteria- basis of evaluating the applications
  • The Jury- Who will evaluate and how

WHAT: About the Award

Subhash Savitri Preet Prerna Sammaan’ is a unique honour to be bestowed on a very Special student ( 10-17 years)/Youth ( 18-30 years) for his exemplary contribution/role in creating/facilitating POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE in past one year in any of the four areas ( Environment(Food wastage ) Education, Health, Cultural Tolerance & Peace, Economic Empowerment), due to his extraordinary Conviction, Compassion, Confidence,Creativity,Capability and Capacity to Commit to care for the Planet and it’s people.

Defining ‘POSITIVE SOCIAL Change’

What constitutes a ‘CHANGE’??

When Values, Academic knowledge, Innovative ideas & Skills transform into ‘SMART’ (Specific & Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Replicable, Time bound), action or series of actions or efforts that significantly improves the present conditions, in any given or selected community or area, within a given time period.

Broad Areas of ‘Change’

Better Environment ( especially by Reducing Food Wastage around them, promoting Sustainable Lifestyle or Eco-friendly living by consuming less and wasting less, Resource Management, Saying Good bye to Culture of consumerism , Culture of affluence and Culture of ‘Use and Throw’, Promoting good old eco-practises rooted in our culture and traditions), Climate Change, etc..

Better Education ( Value-based, formal, informal, Vocational, Life-skill, Training and Capacity building, especially of marginalized or deprived communities or individuals)

Better Health & Healthy Lifestyle (promoting Physical ,Mental, Spiritual, Emotional well-being and Healthy Lifestyle

Better Cultural ties & Peace (reviving the good eco-friendly, simple and value –based cultural traditions & practices, rural art-forms, music, puppets, theatre, Promoting inter-faith respect and Peace in Youth,
Economic Empowerment ( enhancing skills and knowledge and building capacity to create self employment /enterprise or to provide adequate technical/managerial excellence to get a good job).


The Award has been constituted by us (Prithvi innovations), in the warm and loving memory of our Honourable Mentors, Late Shree Subhash Chandra Gupta, Late Shrimati Savitri Gupta & Late Dr. Preeti Gupta.

It is our humble and heartfelt tribute to them for their lifelong contribution to the society mainly, in the areas of Environment, Education, Culture and Health, especially for all round development of rural and less-fortunate children.


All bonafide students and Youth enrolled as students in any school/college/University/Institute or working in any organization or are Self-employed are eligible to apply.

WHY-Purpose or Objective of this Award
  • To Encourage them to be 'Champions of Change’
  • To inspire them to DREAM-Design-Deliver Positive Social change
  • To develop Self-Belief , Self-Discipline, Strength of Character, Self- Confidence, Scientific Temperament, Spirit of Service
  • To Recognize and honour the Potentials & Positive Power of the students
  • To increase Personal, Professional & Social Effectiveness of the students, in line with the mission of Prithvi Innovations & help them add VALUE to the society and to their personality and CVs.
  • To build their capacities and help them develop Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Inter-personal, Managerial, Accounting and other skills


Will be given annually- most preferably on National Youth Day, Swami Vivekananda ji birthday -12th Jan or as decided and announced by the Award Committee of Prithvi Innovations.


The final Date, Time and Venue of the giving the Award will be posted on our Website and Social media networks, one month in advance.


  • Submit a summary of their outstanding Project or initiative in the previous one year in 300 to 500 words,
  • A covering letter and A ID proof ( DL/Voter ID/PAN card/Aadhaar Card etc)
  • copy of their academic performance in the last three years,
  • 2 Self photographs, duly attested
  • Fill the details in the Project Template provided ***(will have 4 Sections-Personal details, Project details, Checklist of Supporting documents, Other details -can be filled online)
  • Attach all supporting documents, like photos, letters, recommendations, etc.. as an evidence of the work done.
  • Special note or letter from the beneficiaries-stating specifically what significant change has occurred due to the efforts of the applicant.

The Evaluation Criteria

  • Nature and Reach of Impact
  • Presence of strong & measurable indicators- (say amount of food saved, or amount of unserved food collected and distributed, Number of children fed, No. of awareness programs conducted, number of trees planted & survived or number of children enrolled in schools or taught,likewise,
  • Sustainability ( Initiative & drive-how long will it hold )
  • Originality, Innovativeness & Creativity
  • Scope for replication and scaling up
  • Academic Performance
  • USP- Any special outstanding point other than above

Prithvi’s Award Advisory Committee (PAAC) & The JURY

Renowned people, with exemplary persona,outstanding achievements and social contribution from various sectors ( Education/Research/Social/Professional/Corporate/Media/Industry/Culture) form a part of Prithvi’s Award Committee and the Jury.