About Us


We have made small but meaningful and consistent contribution in RAISING AWARENESS ON FOOD WASTAGE, in PROVIDING FOOD SECURITY ,in IMPROVING & maintaining the GREEN COVER, in Reducing or MINIMIZING The WASTAGE OF RESOURCES, in CONSERVING WATER,ENERGY & BIODIVERSITY, in providing HOLISTIC VALUE EDUCATION TO RURAL& Under previleged CHILDREN,BUILDING CAPACITY, PROVIDING EMPLOYMENT, in creating PEACEFUL & Healthy Surroundings, and in PERSONAL and SOCIAL ENRICHMENT & UPLIFTMENT, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals- the SDGS’ by successfully conceptualizing, planning, organizing and coordinating multi-dimensional programs, workshops, events, field-trips, campaigns, presentations, at both local, national and international levels, throughout past few years.

Through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), we have been able to provide holistic integrated socio-economic development in the near-by communities. We have been instrumental in improving the quality of education, both, formal and non-formal, by introducing innovative, creative, all-inclusive mediums of learning and promoting the same in educational and professional institutions and in the wider community.