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Bal Jigyasa Science Festival 2017

We are excited to invite you and your students (5-14 yrs) in our ‘Bal Jigyasa Science Festival 2017-(BJSF)’, initiated by us, Prithvi Innovations in association with Regional Science City Lucknow, from 28th Feb.2017 to specially mark the National Science Day (28th Feb.) Celebrations in a unique style and spirit.
So we cordially invite you to the BJSF-2017, as it has being specially designed for the first time, to ignite the young hearts and minds about the wonders of Science and to give them hands on experience about the miracles of Science around us, starting with their own body.
Through interesting mix of activities, games, demonstrations, exhibits, contests and games they will get to taste, see, smell, hear and feel the exciting world of Science, in their surroundings. It would not only provide food to their unlimited JIGYASA or curiosity, but also significantly add on to their academic performance in all subjects, because Science is not just about Science, it has a close connection with all other subjects, like Language, Music, Art, Social Science and the over-all personality etc. Our team of volunteers would be happy to personally invite you, on our behalf and share the basic framework of the BJSF-2017 with you and to take note of any specific query or suggestions you have.

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The foundation of our BJSF 2017 lies on ‘7 Es’- Exploring, Experimenting, Engaging, Enlightening, Enjoying, Educating, Enabling and Empowering to build Caring or Compassionate Global Citizens. As part of BJSF, our special BJSF team would welcome and arrange for your hassel free entry to the RSC and take your team from there for especially designed

a) Fun-filled guided tour cum activities at the newly launched Children’s Gallery for 2 hours per batch of 30 students, especially for        class KG - 3 (per visit mini. 30 and per your need plus 2-4 teachers).
b) On special request Fun- n learn visit to Innovation Gallery too for 2 hours for class 4 to 8
c) Special invite and honour to you at BJSF-2017 Milestone Celebrations by us on 22nd Apr.Earth Day.
Hence, we request you to join us, at the earliest by submitting your ‘Expression of Interest letter’ on your institute’s letterhead, with the date and time for the visit and names of the students and teachers. Please contact us for further details.

Waiting to welcome you in this enriching PRITHVI’s BAL JIGYASA SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2017.

Thanks and regards,
Co-ordination Desk- BJSF-2017
Note: After the above tour you are free to see other galleries or shows, on your own depending on your time.
Special Invite: We also organize Birthday celebrations in a most different way at Children’s Gallery, if any child from your school wishes to celebrate his or her birthday.
Call us to know the attractive offer.

Science Projects at NCSC

Judging the Science projects at District Level National Children Science Congress at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, IIM road.

Mrs Anuradha Gupta was invited to be in the panel of Judges at NCSC held on 28th Oct.


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