'Darbar-e-Khushi' or 'Space for Kindness'

'Darbar-e-Khushi' or 'Space for Kindness'

Launch of Prithvi's 'Darbar-e-Khushi' or 'Space for Kindness' at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Gomtinagar, Lucknow.

TCS Maitree, wholeheartedly collaborated with Prithvi Innovations' team to start the first 'Darbar-e-Khushi' outside it's premises, in Gomtinagar area.

Mrs. Anuradha and Mrs. Smita from Prithvi thought of getting it aptly inaugurated by dear Rajkumar, a young child of around 13 years old, who was selling peanuts on the road, as the purpose of this 'SFK' is to care for these less fortunate people around us by sharing our excess clothes, toys, footwear, etc.

TCS HR Head Mrs. Prerna and Col. Vikram TCS Maitree, CSR coordinating team, represented by Kavya and Pallav and many of TCS staff and officials helped Prithvi, in the overall setting of the space, etc and happily joined in and generously donated lot of clothes and stuff, which will surely bring a smile on many faces.

Prithvi's volunteers, Utkarshita, Amar, Shanshank, Poojan, Sachin and Yashwant came forward to do their bit and went around informing the local vendors, Rickshaw pullers, rah pickers to come and pick the things of their needs from 'Darbar-e-Khushi'.

Everybody appreciated the efforts and felt happy to be a part of this meaningful initiative.